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The Africa Ubuntu Association (AUA) is a registered not-for-profit community organization located on Unceded Syilx Territory. Our mission is to serve the greater Okanagan area by fostering a community for Africans, those of African Descent and anyone interested in all things Africa. We are governed by the African philosophy of Ubuntu "I am because you are". This philosophy, in our understanding, favours a community in which the members can each be given space to shine their own light. We believe that this does not diminish another light. Contrary to that, one's shine allows another to understand their own shine. Together each one illuminated creates a constellation rather than one star surrounded by dead lights. 





1. To foster a sense of community.

2. To connect Africans living and studying in the diaspora.

3. To promote intercultural education.

4. To promote artistic, educational, social, recreational, charitable, athletic and other activities representing the interests of the members in the association.

5. To make a positive difference in Okanagan communities.


Create a greater sense of community support and inclusivity through creating public spaces that can foster community needs. 

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