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The '[      ]' PROJECT:  The Space Project

Our goal is to achieve a designated space for Africans, African decedents and those interested in Africa by attaining a public community centre. We wish to gain support from the community and the cities in the Okanagan. Our approach is to find unique ways of making unfamiliar spaces, relegated spaces conducive to bring people together. In times and places of uncertainty, we have to find a way to keep community alive for our well-being. 

Phase One

The first phase aims to create a space for the development of a stronger community network that allows individuals to express their stories and experiences, including those of anti-black racism. We acknowledge that we, "Black people", are the experts of our own lives, by exploring our lived experiences we want to assess the gaps that exist for our community and develop solutions to address these gaps. We want to document the shared gaps and solutions we collectively form as a way to advocate for resources and support from city institutions and other local organizations. We will use our documentation to highlight further the limitations, the lack of resources, and the needs of Black people within this community. 

Phase One:  'Moving Beyond Pockets: Intentionally Creating Community'. 

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